Thursday, 29 March 2012

I everyone, hope you are all having a great week in all this lovely sunshine, hasn't it been wonderful.

Just wanted to say Hi to you all and let you know that I am still around, it's just been mega busy here this week, the kids have had loads on at school and in the evenings, so once they have gone to bed and settled at around 8.30pm I'm knackered and unfortunately I think the old mojo is too!!

I have made some cards this week, three to be exact but just not got round to downloading them onto the computer, that's how unmotivated I've been this week.

Anyway no more doom and gloom.  I am going on holiday next week...

To Playa Blanca, Lanzerote.  So hopefully after a week of doing nothing much, with lots of sun and a good old play with the family, I might come back feeling more refreshed and ready to role.

Hope you all have a fantastic Easter and will be back week after next.

Jo xx


  1. Ooooo, sounds lovely, Happy Holidays to you!
    Hope you have a fab time!
    Jo x

  2. Just popped by to say hi. Sorry your Mojo's MIA... hope your holiday fixes it up (though don't count on it, I just spent 12 days in Malaysia and now I need a holiday, lol) Donna ☺

  3. BTW, I have a Followers Candy if you're interested ☺Donna ☺


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