Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Heartfelt Plea

Hi everyone,

I don't normally do this, but I need your help.

There is a little girl I know (not very well, she used to go to the playgroup my son goes to on a Tuesday morning with her gran which is run by the Salvation Army) in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, her name is Florence.  Florence had just turned 3 years old.  Last year she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her nose, so rare that hospitals in the UK didn't have the facilities to treat her.

Major fundraising went on and eventually Florence and her mum and dad boarded a plane to America where they did treat her for the cancer, I think she was out there about 6 months.  She came back to Mirfield and just after Christmas was given the all clear.  Everyone was so relieved, she was still quite poorly but just before Easter she made a return to the playgroup and was running around and just being a normal 3 year old girl.

However, we have just found out that the cancer has returned.  She is extremely ill and has only been given a few weeks to live.  She is at home being cared for by her family and nurses from Candlelighters.  When I saw the leader of playgroup this morning they said she is on morphine to keep the pain down, it's just a waiting game.  It is so tragically sad.

This is where I need your help.  On Thursday 31st May some friends of the family are holding a Ladies Night at a local Working Mens Club.  You know the thing, clothes, make-up, gifts, wine etc.  I was asked if I would like to have a stall to sell my cards.  The money raised isn't going straight to Florence (that was done last time for the America trip), but this time for Candlelighters, the charity which is providing the care she needs.

My plan is to sell as many cards as I can at £2 per card, with ALL the money going to Candlelighters, nothing for me, nothing for the cost of the stall, all of it straight to the charity.

If there is anyone out there who thinks they may have one or two cards in their stash which they think they could donate I would be very grateful if you could let me know.  Send me an e-mail jostreet1973@gmail.com.

I have also put a link to the Candlelighters web site just so you can have a quick look.

I don't yet have many followers on my blog, if you think you might know some of your followers who may be able to help it would be brilliant if you could link them back to me.

On the night itself I will take loads of pictures and post them on here and let you know how much was raised.

Thanks for reading.

Jo xx


  1. I will give you some cards on Thursday Jo. What a sad story. You just cant imagine what the family and Florence are going through.
    Lisa x

  2. ps i will mention this on my DT blogs
    Lisa x

  3. Hi Jo, I have loads of spare cards going. I'll email you for the address and get them posted.
    Diane xx

  4. I mailed you earlier today Jo. xxxx

  5. I will email you. Came to visit you from Vicky's Paper Moments blog. GOOD LUCK with your fund raising xxx

  6. Anonymous11 May, 2012

    I can send some cards, I saw your post via Helen Howden on Facebook. What's your address?

  7. ready to go in teatime post Jo, Thanks for following, you are now upto 49 on your blog :))
    Hugs Mau Xx

  8. Hi Jo, you have hit the big 50 now!!! I only have 4 bless! But you are one of my 4! Let me have your address to post off some cards and I will ask a few friends too. Good luck for the ladies night fund raiser.

  9. Hi Jo, will email you for your address. Hopped on to your blog from Vicky. Good Luck. Lynn x

  10. Hi Jo, I will send you some cards. Just off to email you for your address. Good luck. Zippy xxx

  11. Anonymous13 May, 2012

    Hi Jo, what an extremely sad tale, poor little one.

    I have quite a stash l can send you and hopefully you can raise loads for the charity. I donate my cards to a local children's hospice as they do an amazing job and are always in need of funds.

    Will pop you an email for your address. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your photo's

    Hugs Rach xx

  12. Hi Jo

    Please count me in too. Email on its way.


  13. happy to send you some cards - its so nice that our hobby can help something worthwhile. Good luck with the fund raiser

  14. Hi Jo

    What a very sad story that poor little girl and her family - my heart goes out to them...... I totally support what you are doing and can definitely send you some cards no problem. I'll e-mail you to get your address.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too.

    I'll do a post with a link back to you on my blog for you and I wish you all the luck - you had better warn your postman as I think you will get lots of donations to such a good cause.



  15. Hi - just posted a package of cards to you, hope you have a great sale and raise loads of money - Jacqueline xx
    PS - have added a link to you on my blog.

  16. Hi - I have come across from Jacqueline of Deezine Blog. I will email you too for your address. I would be delighted to help out in this little way - the tragicness of this little girl's plight breaks my heart and makes me count my blessing a little more. Heartfelt wishes to them all! Suzanne B

  17. There you go Jo - a parcel is on its way. I take my hat off to you for doing something to help. Very best wishes with the fund raiser and do let us all know how it goes won't you. Vicky x

  18. Anonymous17 May, 2012

    Hi Jo, going to email you now.


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