Thursday, 19 May 2011

Helloooo Blog Land - sI there anyone out there?

Hi there, this is my very first Blog post and I'm not sure whether I'm excited or a bit nervous.  I've been blog hopping round for a bit now admiring other people's works of creativeness, I follow quite a few but never got up the courage to do it myself, but now here I am, and I really hope I will keep up with it.  It may be a bit 'trial and error' at the moment, I'm not bad with a computer, my husband is alot better, but we've not really looked into blogging before now so it's like the blind leading the blind, but I'm sure I'll get into it.

So here we are, long may it continue.  I'm gonna post this and try and work out how to upload some photos of my cards for the next post.
See you soon x


  1. Hello and welcome to blogland. I am sure you will have lots of fun and make some wonderful friends .
    I have friends all over the world now .. and we all love crafting. I have been lucky enough to meet up with lots of crafters too.. and they are all just as lovely in real life as they are in the virtual world of blogging lol.
    Look forward to seeing all your forthcoming creations
    Lisa x

  2. Welcome to blogland Jo :) You will love it, but I warn you, its addictive! lol.



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