Saturday, 2 June 2012

Candlelighters Ladies Night

Hi everyone and happy Diamond Jubilee Weekend!!

This is the first post of a few as it's been quite busy here recently.

The first on my list is to let you all know how things went on Thursday night.  As most of you know a friend of mine organised a Ladies Night (no strippers!) in aid of Candlelighter's, a Yorkshire based children's charity.  This started because a friend of hers little girl Florence had terminal cancer at only 4 years old.  I have to say 'had' as unfortunately little Florence sadly lost her battle on Tuesday evening of last week.

Many of you out there saw my appeal either through my blog or other people who posted about the event and sent the most fantastic cards for me to sell on the night.  I want to show you a few photo's...

My mum and I had a fantastic time, going through them and pricing them and this was when we had finally finished 5 (yes 5) full baskets!

At the club, the table was a little cramped but we got them all on.  Everyone loved standing and flicking through them.  A couple of ladies took the baskets to their table and sat with them going through them.

I put this note on the table as I wanted everyone to know what people were so kind.

From 5 baskets to 2, this is all I went home with (and the four cans of beer which my mum won in the raffle)!  We are still selling the rest, my mum is taking them to work next week, followed by myself when half term is over.

So the grand total of the night, I gave Jayne £133 from the sale of the cards.  With the rest of the money she sent a cheque off to Candlelighters for £500.  Brilliant!

I want to again say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated cards, posted on their blogs and sent good wishes.  We should be all very proud of ourselves.  If you did post on your blog and you want to mention how we did (as a lot of messages came via other people) I would be grateful.

Lots of Love

Jo xxx


  1. oh wow that's fabulous Jo.. sounds like a great night . Well done to you for raising so much . I am sorry i never made it on the night .
    Have a great Bank Holiday
    Lisa x

  2. Excellent result Jo, well done. I'm so glad you got a lot of support for such a worthwhile cause.
    Have a good break
    Margaret x

  3. ...fabby stuff, well done to you & your Mum & to everyone who donated...Mel :)

  4. Well done!.... Sounds like the night went well. What a fantastic donation for such a good cause.
    Diane xx

  5. An excellent result Jo, and a brilliant donation. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  6. Well done Jo - what an amazing amount you and your friends raised on the night. Thank you for the update.

    I was so sad to read your previous post - my heart goes out to Florence's family.
    Sylvia xxxx

  7. Congratulations on raising an amazing amount of money. Well done to you and your mum for giving up your time for a worthwhile cause. It's great to have the feedback too. Michelle x

  8. It's great to hear you did so well for this really worthwhile cause Jo, thank you for the feedback. Vicky x

  9. well done Jo, sorry I'm so late on responding but i lost your blog for a bit lol! goldfish have better memories than me! if you do one again then please let me know and i'll post some more up hugs Karen x


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