Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas Everyone

Hi everyone

Hope you all ready for the big man to arrive in two sleeps time - I think I nearly am.  Just finished a mountain of ironing and four hours later it's all ready to be put away.

I've been a very bad blogger recently, time just ran away with me, but hopefully in the new year I will try and be better.  Anyway I wanted to show you a couple of things before I sign off for Christmas.  The first is a wedding card I was asked to make by a lady who runs the local toddler group my son goes to.  Her daughter is getting married on New Years Day...

I've made similar cards before in different colours but think that they work really well.  I printed their names on to pearly card and added a vellum overlay with the wedding day greeting on the front.  The flowers and gems are a bit fiddly but they look nice when they're done.  I made a matching box to send it in too.

The second is of my three year old son, Oliver, who is in the Foundation class at school. They did a little Christmas show, it wasn't a nativity so they didn't dress up but they sang songs about what they liked about Christmas.  It was very cute and he remembered all his songs - as you can see, he was a twinkly star on a Christmas tree.

Anyway that's it for now, got a bit more wrapping to do them I'm going to sit down with a glass of red and watch Singing in the Rain - I love that film.

Hope everyone has a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year - enjoy, I know I will!!!

Jo x


  1. oh what a beautiful card . so elegant.
    Your son looks so cute too lol
    I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas , i am sure you will
    Singing in the rain is my all time favourite film... enjoy!!
    Lisa xx

  2. Wow such a stunning card!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas day yesterday.
    Diane xx


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